20.3 Canada and Yukon agree on cooperation to provide opportunities for announcements, ceremonies, celebrations and reporting so that representatives of Canada and the Yukon can clearly express each government`s role in supporting Yukon`s benefits and measures. Canada and Yukon will jointly develop public information materials and jointly organize and participate in each public notice regarding the signing of this agreement and all of the agreements covered in the schedules that will be signed in the future. “These new agreements are timely, given Yukon`s very low unemployment rate. They will provide more funding and flexibility to work with Yukon job seekers, employers, service organizations and Yukon First Nations to meet their many local needs and strengthen Yukon`s labour market. Our government is proud to support programs and initiatives that improve workers` knowledge and skills and create more skilled workers in the region. ” – Minister of Honour Tracy-Anne McPhee, Minister of Education, Government of yukon, while Canada and Yukon agree that they should reduce unnecessary duplication and duplication in their labour market development programs where possible. 6.3 Canada and Yukon agree to cooperate to coordinate the delivery of their respective programs and services in the labour market, with the goal of providing an integrated approach that improves service delivery to Yukoners. Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDA) are bilateral agreements with each province and territory for the development and provision of employment programs, which are similar to employment benefits and support measures in Part II of the Employment Insurance Act. They also provide a skilled workforce that meets the current and emerging needs of employers. 13.1 Yukon is committed to providing job opportunities to indeterminate workers in Canada affected by the Canadian withdrawal from its employment and support activities in the Yukon and Yukon`s decision to expand its role in the design and implementation of labour market programs by implementing Yukon services and measures.

3.3 Subject to section 3.4 and compliance with the objective and guidelines of the second part of the EI Act, Yukon may make ongoing changes to the design of its benefits and measures in the Yukon to ensure that the needs of clients, labour market conditions and evaluation results are met. Changes to the design of a Yukon performance or a Measure of the Yukon must be made in an amendment to Schedule 1. 2.3 Canada and Yukon will keep each other informed of their planned activities and initiatives in this area to promote cooperation in the implementation of their labour market research and innovative projects activities and initiatives.