Most major airlines today have codeshare partnerships with other airlines, and codeshare is a key feature of large airline alliances. Typically, codeshare agreements are also part of commercial agreements between airlines in the same airline alliances. In Europe, codeshare agreements became popular in 1993 as a result of EU deregulation. In 2007, the European Commission published a final report on the impact on competition of codeshare agreements with airlines. This document showed that 100 out of 100 airlines surveyed had already signed a codeshare with one or more airlines around the world. In addition, an interline agreement includes baggage handling, check-in agreements or even the ability to change reservations in case of cancellation of a flight via another airline. The interline agreement flattens the customer experience. This allows airlines to sell tickets from other airlines and provide a seamless itinerary for customers. The easiest way to determine if 2 airlines have an interline agreement is through the use of ExpertFlyer.

If you book a codeshare flight, you will see “Performed by” on the itinerary and a reference marking will be displayed on your ticket before or after the flight number. Therefore, if you have booked a United ticket but it is a Delta flight, “Operated by Delta Air Lines” will be displayed. It`s important to know if your flight code is shared so you can talk to if you need help or have any difficulties during your trip. Let us let us know in the comments. Let`s introduce a few words. An exporting airline is an airline that effectively provides aviation logistics, whether it is slots, pilots, ground services or operating licenses. The marketing company is simply the airline that sells codeshare tickets to its customers. In the following example, United Airlines is the “Marketing” airline in the codeshare agreement between United and Delta Air Lines. Delta is the “operational” airline that effectively flies the aircraft, transports passengers and supplies pilots and cabin crew. The term “code” refers to the identifier used in a flight plan, usually the two-digit IATA airline code and flight number.

Xx224 (company flight number XX) can also be sold by YY as YY568 and by ZZ as ZZ9876. In this case, the YY and ZZ airlines are referred to as “marketing airlines” (sometimes abbreviated MKT CXR for “marketing carriers”). In addition, many airlines set similar restrictions on whether or not you can upgrade a codeshare flight, even if you have many miles from the exporting airline. Airlines also benefit from excellent codeshare and line spacing performance, higher revenue and the development of successful partnerships. In addition, airlines can facilitate claims and billing through an optimized internal system, codeshare and line spacing agreements. The codeshare agreements allowed Qantas and American Airlines to offer Hub and Spoke-style services. In essence, American Airlines would be traveling to a turnstile airport that, in this case, was Los Angeles (LAX). Then, Qanta passengers crossed the Pacific Ocean to a turnstile airport that was usually Sydney (SYD) or Melbourne (MEL). In addition, Qanta passengers would fly to their final destination in Oceania, whether it is a smaller city in Australia or elsewhere.

Code Sharing is a partnership between two airlines that allows an airline to place its two-digit identification code on another airline`s schedules. This means that flights can be marketed by one airline and operated by another. For example, Delta Air Lines may agree with United Airlines to operate United Airlines flights on a given route. This flight would be reported with the United Identification Code (UA), but would actually be operated by Delta Air Lines….