8.1. Any party may terminate this agreement or a declaration of work after thirty (30) days of written notification to the other party if the declaration of work involves the routine provision of services. 15.5. During. This agreement can be carried out in return and each of these counterparties is considered an original instrument, and all these counterparties combined are only an agreement. 4. Limited guarantee: (a) MA SOCIÉTÉ guarantees for a period of thirty (30) days after delivery (the “guarantee period”) that all services are provided professionally in accordance with universal industrial standards. The exclusive liability (and exclusive recourse of the customer) for any violation of this guarantee is that MY company will again provide defective services or, if MY SOCIÉTÉ is unable to remedy this defect within thirty (30) days, cancels the invoice for defective services. MA SOCIÉTÉ IS NOT OBLIGATORY IN WHAT A GARANTIE RIGHT: (i) if it is informed of this right after the expiry of the warranty period or (ii) if the claim is the result of the hardware or software of a third party, the action of the customer or another party, or other factors that are not subject to the appropriate control of MY COMPANY. 1.7. “Service Level Agreement,” also known as “SLA,” refers to a (1) Of the Corserva Standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that indicates the types of managed services available to Corserva`s customer and each of which is added by reference to the sales form, as it may be modified from time to time by the written agreement of the customer and us.

If there is more than one (1) sales order form for a managed service, the last sales order form executed by the customer and us is the Service Level Agreement that governs this Managed Service. The applicable forms of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are attached to the De Master Services agreement as one or more of the numbered C calendars. This is what you call a Master Services Agreement: a head agreement under which a company provides routine services to a customer. 4.3 Non-exclusion. Without allowing the company (or its staff) to participate in conduct or activities that would lead to a violation or violation of a clause in this agreement, the customer recognizes that the company`s staff providing services to the customer under this agreement may, from time to time, provide similar services to others, and that agreement does not prevent the company from providing similar services to others. , to use these staff to provide such similar services to these other people.