Mont is pleased to offer students the opportunity to further simplify the transfer process through our articulation agreements with partner institutions. These agreements allow you to transfer credits and start on the mountain by spelling things like academic courses, guaranteed admission rules and much more. Mount St. Mary`s University proudly offers articulation agreements with the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU): California Community Colleges Associate for Transfer (ADT) Commitment Azusa Pacific University Biola University Brandman University California Lutheran University Don Bosco Technical Institute CSUGE Broad Certification Agreement Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM): CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Heald Colleges: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Humphreys College: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Loma Linda University Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Mount St. Mary`s College National Pacific Oaks College San Joaquin Valley College: CSUGE Breadth Certification University of the Verne Undergraduate University of the Pacific Undergraduate University of the Pacific Pharmacy Program University of Redlands University of San Francisco University Southern California (USC) Transfer Planner (including joint by major) University of Southern California (USC) Articulation University of Southern California (USC) Pharmacy MSMU also has agreements with many colleges. Learn more about these agreements. If you are a current student, please follow the links below to find the articulation agreements/transfer guides for the courses corresponding to the General Culture section of the MSMU catalogue. Articulation agreements, sometimes called transfer path agreements, are the official requirements of courses between Los Angeles Mission College and the colleges or universities to which you wish to transfer. Participation in LAMC COURSES, which are linked to courses at a university, ensures that you will take the right courses.

LAMC has joint agreements with a large number of higher education institutions, including the University of California (UC) campuses, California State University (CSU) campuses, and private and out-of-state universities. Explore the articulation agreements below and meet with a LAMC advisor to develop an educational plan. If you don`t agree with a university or university you`re interested in, don`t worry, just make an appointment with a LAMC counsellor and they`ll help you develop an education plan to get you to the university of your dreams. Section III – List of lower department courses within the Liberal Studies major that have been selected by the Ministry of Education for articulation. Students who are interested in a major for liberal studies should not consider Section II. Mount Saint Mary`s University is updating articulation agreements and transfer guides. The agreements and guides described on this page should be used to help aspiring students decide which courses will be transferred to Mount Saint Mary`s University. Joint agreements and transfer guides are used to help students take the corresponding courses at community universities, which are transferred for loans in the direction of a degree to Mount Saint Mary`s University. The agreements are updated every two years.

More detailed information can be found in the catalogue and in the articulation agreements themselves. The articulation agreements archived before autumn 2018 are available in our archives. If you are an aspiring student interested in transferring courses (s) to Mount Saint Mary`s University, please see the articulation agreements/transfer guides listed below. Interested students can also visit transferology to find out if courses at other institutions are transferable to Mount Saint Mary`s University.