NdS deficits are piling up. According to the most recent annual assessment of progress made by the Dutch Environment Agency, only seven of the 25 parties analysed are on track to achieve their NPNs through implemented measures. For the European Union and for Mexico, the achievement of the 2030 targets is uncertain, with policies implemented. For sixteen other states, the Agency was satisfied that the parties would not comply with their NDCs if they did not take additional controls [of greenhouse gases]. If the address matches an existing account, you`ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password. The Paris Agreement brings a great historical change. This is due to its universality, which applies to all nations. This is also due to the fact that the agreement clearly shows all concerned that the world is moving towards a paradigm that integrates the reality of the fight against climate change. This is already reflected on the stock markets – in the days following the adoption of this agreement, stock market movements have already shown a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Although this agreement is weak and has many flaws, it is the best outcome we can expect from all the governments of the world. It is far from perfect and sufficient to combat climate change, but it is a good step forward. Nevertheless, according to the authors, “emissions are still increasing rapidly, with increasingly harmful effects on the earth`s climate. A huge increase in efforts to preserve our biosphere is needed to avoid immeasurable suffering due to the climate crisis. Those who have and contribute to anthropogenic climate change have also benefited from being part of the agreement of a new market-based instrument, the Sustainable Development Mechanism. In a society dominated by large groups, this seems to be the preferred solution of our political leaders. The history of market-based solutions to environmental problems shows that they are less effective than regulatory approaches, which clearly define a goal to be met. Take, for example, the European carbon market, which has so far failed. However, the agreement also focuses on highly market-based approaches that reveal a compromise and hopefully leave an opportunity to prove again what is really a good thing.