If Ascend opens a case of highly conflicting therapies, we need a deposit of at least $2,000 (amount at the discretion of the therapy team) to work as a family. In some cases, with a particularly complex dynamic, we may need a higher deposit and we reserve the right to discuss it on a case-by-case basis with new clients. We use this deposit to cover benefits that the insurance does not cover, including consultation between Ascend therapists who are attached to the case (we often use a two-therapist model), consultation with other professionals such as lawyers, legal guardians, reviewers, etc., writing reports, checking emails sent by the parties between meetings Etc. In addition to this deposit, the parties are responsible for paying all costs for therapy sessions that are not paid for by the insurance. For conflicts, we offer the following therapies: “Dr. Duval has a casual and playful way about them that makes my son so enjoyable. In fact, he likes to go with her and has made great progress. Divorce is difficult for children. Regardless of age, age, circumstances or the way you treat things as parents, divorce is… “We`ve been here since the first time we screamed panic about our son`s behavior! I wanted to tell you how grateful we are for spending time with our therapist at Child Therapy Chicago. She went beyond for us, and we are in such a better place because of her. She was able to experience many of the behavioral problems we faced and show us how to manage them in real time. In addition to the meetings, she sent such informative emails with ideas and resources, and really seems to take care of our son and our progress.

We have a new confidence that we can handle things with our son. I`ll be sure to inform others about Child Therapy Chicago. High conflict cases include a high degree of family conflict, which requires both additional training for the staff involved and additional time outside the care coordination meeting. These are most often families in which parents are separated or divorced and are unable to learn effectively and make common decisions about the care of their common child. Cases often require a combination of meetings of children, adults and families. Children`s behavior makes sense. We are experts in children who help children live their experiences and work, which bothers them. We also help parents better understand their children. Offices in Lakeview Chicago – Downtown Naperville. “The Child Therapy Chicago therapist was absolutely amazing with my 6-year-old. My child became faithful to him and they were really connected. This trust and connection allowed the therapist to get to the bottom of the problem and we were able to solve the problem. The staff at Child Therapy Chicago really took care of my daughter`s well-being and showed great support for me as well.

Working with Child Therapy Chicago will serve my child throughout his or her life. »